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"Our garage looks amazing. I couldn't even walk in my garage but now I can park my car in it and I can find anything I need out there. I thought that this would be too overwhelming for anyone. Bethel made it so easy. She is so compassionate and cares about what she does."~Andrea H.

"Bethel is great at her job. She has a way of guiding you along the path to total organization. She has a fantastic personality that makes the work more fun. My home looks 100 percent better and much more livable."~Cynthia H.

"After many searches for a home organizer, and one negative experience, I am fortunate to have met Bethel. She is very insightful. I like the way she can visualize an uncluttered room and bring that vision to life. Five stars!"~Marlena H.

"Bethel arrived with box markers, post-its and a plan to determine what I would need in stages and how to pack accordingly. She even had suggestions on how to pack the moving truck so I would not have to dig for things when we reached the storage facility. She helped me find somewhere to donate many of the items and gave suggestions on how to decide if I really wanted to let go of certain things and how to best preserve those things!"~Carmel W.

"She was swift (pun intended), intuitive, respectful, diligent, proactive and delightful to work with! A true professional."~Jana H.

"I really needed Bethel's help as I had major surgery. She was so lovely and truly was a beautiful blessing. She's like a little packing angel!"~Ginger R.

"Bethel not only helped organize my space, she provided immense insight into my organizational habits. She guided me on how to best utilize resources to accommodate my habits and maintain the order I craved. Seven years later, I still incorporate her feedback!" ~Jennifer D.