Real Life Professional Organizing offers help with hands-on clutter clearing in San Diego from pre/post move packing and unpacking to organizing projects both small and large. Whether you are starting fresh in a new space, in need of a reset to refresh, or if prefer monthly maintenance organizing to help with chronic disorganization - Bethel has options to support you.

Senior Downsizing & Hoarding Help:

  • Help with "rightsizing" (paring down possessions) to save on moving and/or storage costs and maximize the potential of your space.
  • Categorize items and provide support to ease your decision-making process and restore safe access within the living enviornment.
  • Create simple systems where every "keeper" item has an accessible home and establish guidelines to facilitate easier maintanence.

Packing & Unpacking:

  • Prepack (if showing home), pack, label, and digitally inventory boxes/bins for a more seamless client relocation transition process.
  • Coordinate third party storage, deep-cleaning, donation, and recycling/trash removal services to reduce renter/homeowner stress.
  • Unpack belongings and arrange asthetically in the areas they will be used in your space with focus on functionality and design.

Decluttering & Organizing:

  • Sort, simplify, and style (addressing duplicates, clutter, and everyday chaos) to create a manageable, client-centered space.
  • Set up organizational systems/structures that will work with you/your family's organizational preferences, habits, and budget.
  • Store and display your needed, used, and loved items in a way to better reflect YOU, your loved ones, and your lifestyle.

Have a unique project/need not covered here? Real Life Professional Organizing offers transparent pricing - including packages, gift certificates, and a subscription plan option - so if you, or someone you love, is in need of side-by-side (or even hands-off) help with an organizing project, schedule your free 15-20 minute initial phone or video consult to see how Bethel may be of service to you.