Real Life Professional Organizing offers help with hands-on clutter clearing; pre/post move packing and unpacking; and organizing projects both small and large - from small studio apartments to full homes (with all the attics, basements, playrooms, bedrooms, closets, kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, and garages in between). Whether you are starting fresh in a new space, in need of a reset to refresh, or needing monthly maintanence organizing to help with chronic disorganization, Bethel has options to fit your project - and your budget.

Holiday Help:

  • Available November-January only, at a special discounted rate of $55/hr!
  • Decluttering (family rooms, guest rooms) & holiday decorating/undecorating.
  • Holiday scheduling, gift shopping, gift wrapping, & gift returns/exchanges.

Decluttering & Organizing:

  • Assist with sorting, simplifying (embracing the luxury of less!), and styling your space.
  • Set up organizational systems and structures that work with your organizational habits.
  • Store and display your needed, used, and loved items while optimizing functionality and design.

Packing & Unpacking:

  • Help with paring down possessions to save money on your move and maximize the potential of your new place.
  • Prioritize, pack, inventory, and clearly label boxes and bins for a seamless relocation transition.
  • Unpack belongings and arrange them where used in your space for optimal ease of access as well as aesthetics.

Time & Project Management:

  • Strategy sessions to troubleshoot time management issues blocking your personal and professional goals.
  • Creative coordination for your larger projects such as book publication or art sales and marketing plans.
  • Short and long-term care planning for sudden or chronic illness and/or injury to optimize your quality of life.

Move Coordinating & Simple Staging:

  • Create a personalized plan and manageble timeline of to-dos for your move.
  • Connect you with services and resources from pre-move to post-move and everything in between.
  • Depersonalize and simply stage your home, townhouse, condo, or apartment for showings.

Have a unique project/need not covered here? Real Life Professional Organizing offers transparent pricing - including packages, gift certificates, and a subscription plan option - so if you, or someone you love, is in need of side-by-side (or even hands-off) help with an organizing project, schedule your free 15-20 minute initial phone or video consult to see how Bethel may be of service to you.


"Bethel not only helped organize my space, she provided immense insight into my organizational habits.
She guided me on how to best utilize resources to accommodate my habits and maintain the order I craved.
Seven years later, I still incorporate her feedback!" ~Jennifer D.