Exhibitions & Publications

Upcoming, current, and past appearances are listed under Events. Bethel's prose articles follow this list of art exhibitions and media audio & press:

Sparking Entrepreneur Show
Listen to Bethel Swift's interview "Multifaceted Creative Maven and Literary Luminary" with Kiran Agrahar of The Sparking Entrepreneur Podcast on Apple Podcasts. (March 2024)

The SOS Show with James Lott Jr.
Tune in via YouTube or Spotify to Bethel Swift's conversation with the one and only SUPER ORGANIZER James Lott, Jr. on his SOS Show Podcast.(February 2024)

True Fiction Project Podcast
Bethel Swift was a recent guest (Season 6, Episode 7) on Reenita Hora's podcast The True Fiction Project. Listen via Apple, or Spotify. (January 2024)

The Written Scene
Adam Green interviewed Bethel Swift for Episode 17 of his podcast The Written Scene available via Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify. (October 2022)

At Columbia College's Alumni Exhibit in 2016.

San Diego Poetry Annual
“#NotAllRichPeople” accepted for publication by Editor Jim Moreno in the SDPA Anthology (March 2020)

Haiku Journal
“INT. SNOW GLOBE” published (under former pen name Alice Christy) in Issue #61 of this free online journal (January 2019)

Expressions from Englewood
“Son Song” published (under former pen name Alice Christy) in Volume VIII by editor Corey Hall (March 2018)

Armenian Poetry Project
Last Cry of the Duduk” (a pantoum) published (under former pen name Alice Christy) by editor Lola Koundakjian (April 2017)

Alumni on 5 “Nowhere But Here” Exhibit
“Midday Skating at the Midway” – an experimental ekphrastic poem and short film – accepted for inclusion to this exhibition curated by Lisa Lindvay (Winter 2015/Spring 2016)

Alumni on 5 “What is Yours is Mine” Exhibit
“Rocking Horse Ride” and “Missouri Mona Lisa” – two ekphrastic poems with accompanying family photos – accepted for inclusion to this exhibition curated by Lisa Lindvay (Fall 2015)

Expressions from Englewood
“Jordan” and “A Single Tale” published by editor Corey Hall in Volume VII (Spring 2015)

Prose Journalism Clips

Reporting at Cirque on Ice in 2006

Bethel's Blog - Q&A Interview - "Sandy Coomer & Deborah Jang" (February 2019)

Bethel's Blog - Q&A Interview - "Kristina Marie Darling & Sandra de Helen" (February 2019)

Bethel's Blog - Q&A Interview - "Vershawn Sanders-Ward" (July 2018)

Bethel's Blog - Q&A Interview - "Grishma Shah" (March 2018)

Relevant Magazine - Film Review - "Enchanted"

Relevant Magazine - Film Review - "King of California"

Relevant Magazine - Film Review - "Mr Bean's Holiday"

Relevant Magazine - Film Review - "Saving Sarah Cain"

Bohème Vérité Magazine - Poetry & Music - "Sean Beeson"

Bohème Vérité Magazine - Fashion & Dance - "Cirque on Ice"

Bohème Vérité Magazine - Poetry & Music: "Berto Ramon"

Bohème Vérité Magazine - Theater & Film - "Starfish Studios"

Bohème Vérité Magazine - Fashion & Dance - "Junque"

Moody - Press Release - "Don Cole: Farewell to Open Line" (April 2008)

Moody - Press Release - "Music Drama Workshop" (April 2008)

Moody - Press Release - "ESL Conference" (April 2008)

Chicago Parent - Press Releases - Various Clips (Fall 2007)

Chicago Baby Magazine - Articles - Various Clips (Fall 2007)

Going Places Magazine - Articles - Various Clips (Fall 2007)

Chicago Parent Magazine - Various Clips - September 2007

Chicago Parent Magazine - Feature Story - "GiGi's Playhouse" (August 2007)

Chicago Parent Magazine - How-To Article - "Build a Better Sandcastle" (July 2007)

Echo Magazine - Department & Feature Stories - Various Clips (Summer/Fall 2007)

ChristianAnswers.net - Interview - Film Director/Producer Michael Landon Jr. (Summer 2007)

ISI Edge Magazine - How To Article - "Show Off Your Toddlers" (May/June 2007)

GoldenSkate.com - Interview - Author/Figure Skater Nikki Nichols (May 2006)

Columbia Chronicle - Survey Story - "Student Satisfaction" (December 2005)