Washington D.C. with Grandma

Feb 29, 2016 by Bethel Swift, in Art & Craftwork
This is a throwback post to my favorite piece of accidental art:

D.C. Photo Collage

"Washington D.C. with Grandma" came to be as a result of using a single-use/throwaway camera on a trip to D.C and trying to actually follow the printed point-and-shoot distance directions on the camera's package. My initial reaction, when I picked up my prints, was of course, disappointment. It was heartbreaking to find that I'd only captured Lincoln's leg here, half of my grandmother's scalp there, etc. However, as I studied the print summary sheet, I started to think there might be more to these photos than immediately met the eye. Somehow, once I put them together as a collage, I was better able to appreciate the photos as individual and intimate portraits revealing overlooked intricacies in my country's capitol.